The COOP needs its members ♥

Dear members,

ICI SANTÉ is an organization providing local health care services adapted to the reality of rural municipalities, based primarily on the needs of local citizens, of all ages. All this for a single purpose, to serve you better!

ICI SANTÉ offers a diversified and quality range of health care services accessible to all. One of the organization’s objectives is to expand its network to accommodate a growing clientele whose needs are important. An ongoing priority of the organization is to maintain its health care services at the lowest possible cost.

To meet its objectives, ICI SANTÉ must have the necessary financial, material and human resources, including committed health professionals. A new service this year is telemedicine which allows citizens to have access to a doctor or nurse practitioner by phone or online easily and quickly. Members can subscribe to telemedicine through the website of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague or in person at the offices of ICI Santé. There are few sources of funding available to keep the organization stable. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) can approach various levels of government for grants, organize fundraising campaigns or appeal directly to the generosity of donors.

Today we call on you, our members, to maintain in place the important health care that is currently provided to you and to participate with us in the development of your health COOP. We invite you to make a financial donation and are counting on your generosity.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in maintaining ICI SANTÉ’s activities and services!

Larry Ness,
Presided Board of Directors

Payment methods

1. Log in to online or app banking and select the account.
2. Choose or add the recipient’s email or mobile number (The email is : or phone number 514-773-7854)
3. Enter the amount and a security question (the security question will be : the name of the cooperative and the answer will be: Icisante (with a capital letter, no space and no accent))

Make cheque to : ICI SANTÉ Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague

Mail to :

ICI Santé
146, rue Principale, 3e étage
Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, Québec
J0S 1T0